hide yo kids, hide yo wives...

sometimes famous people come to my office. and sometimes i get my picture taken with them. and sometimes i just want to TELL EVERYONE.


toy boy

me (talking to husband): "the heber creeper is expensive."
andrew (9-year-old brother): "what's the heber creeper?"
me: "it's a train in heber."
andrew: "oh. i thought it was a murderer."


sunset in july

you know you have good car insurance when you get this email on your birthday:

i suppose i should mention that i also received a happy birthday note from the BYU alumni association.
however, theirs wasn't nearly as festive.
(or wanted)


hold up my heart

highlight of my day yesterday:

i met brooke white (from american idol), and we have the same tiffany wedding ring.

"hey brooke," i said, "we're ring twins."
"we totally are!" then she paused. "except yours is bigger."

cha-ching. my rock is bigger than a celebrity's. 
... quite a bit bigger.