oh my

my friends are getting married and it's
it's just making me realize that some day, i might also get married. and that's even weirder.
last night i was talking to travis about how immature i am. there is no way i could ever get married anytime soon.

anyway... i don't really have much else to say.

a few days ago i straightened my hair. i don't do it that often, but whenever i do, i always get a ton of compliments. i remember when i did it during the school year, more guys would talk to me, and people always mentioned my hair. it's really annoying because it makes me realize that i must look really ugly whenever i have my naturally curly hair.

curse you, curls. bane of my existence.



i was just reading my last post and it kind of doesn't make sense. how can new friends become old? huh... some of my good friends i've known for years. but my best friend i've only known for about one and half.

thus, i have contradicted myself once again.
now, amuse yourself with this clip i found on our camera from our cali trip.

hah! this is such a typical conversation between me, my mom, brother gavin, and i think you can hear my other brother andrew pipe in every now and then.
as usual, i am just singing and quoting movies.

my sister hates it when i sing. what the crap... that really bugs me.

kelly, my sweet-awesome-cool neighbor just got back from spending a few months in russia teaching english. she said over there it's considered bad luck to whistle indoors.
gosh! i can't sing indoors here, because my sister will fillet my skin. and i can't whistle on the other side of the world. *sigh* i guess i'll just have to learn to be quiet.