curly hair is the BANE of my existence!

i am having an inner conflict on what to do. to cut? or not to cut?

i have been growing out my hair for the past two years. it's pretty long now. but it's also pretty annoying. and just not pretty in general.

so i've been looking for a good picture of how i want to cut my hair.
but every picture i see of someone with "curly hair" is NOT CURLY. AT ALL.
hellooooo people! this is NOT curly hair!
stupid denise richards. i don't even know who you are. but you and your so not-natural curls can go back to the salon from whence you came.
i just get so annoyed with hair. bleh. it's so frustrating that pictures of stupid celebrities that look like this come up every time i google "curly hair."

i have curly hair. ME!

oh man. people just don't even understand.

wow... this picture is from last summer. hah i forgot i even had it. i love my purple bedroom. and my purple hair.
sadly enough, i don't have a good recent picture of my hair. but right now it's quite a bit longer than this.
try to use your imagination.

anywho, i just spent my evening racing around town on a motorcycle with paul. motorcycles are sooooo cool. yeah, i'm feeling pretty sweet right now.

and pretty tired.
good night.


long time, no blog

well, well, well. summer finally came to a depressing end, and school has slumped back into session.
i'm living in an apartment just south of campus, and it's sooooo conveniently close. nothing gives me greater joy :D
except for the fact that my best friend is getting MARRIED! what is the world coming to? i can't believe it! i've been so tight with carah since 8th grade and now she's engaged. pretty much, i'm being ditched for a much taller, older boy.
marriage terrifies me. but apparently it isn't as fearsome to carah.

i went to the utah state fair rodeo on sunday with elena. i love rodeos!
it was really fun. elena was explaining the "hotness levels" of all the guys who compete. there's the bull riders, team ropers, cattle wrestlers, etc. each has their own level of attractiveness--according to elena.

well, i must finish my essay for biology now. however, this has been a very cathartic distraction session. i have a feeling there will be many more to come this school year...