barbie girl

yesterday the california supreme court upheld proposition 8. i went up to the utah state capitol building to report on the marriage equality rally that was going on. gays, lesbians and straight people were protesting the california decision.

while i was there, i got asked out. by a woman.

i told her i wasn't single.


bohemian rhapsody

i can add 3 names to my list of bands i've seen live. excellent.
... and i wish i was gwen stefani. but after seeing her live last night, i am pleased to announce we have the same color bra.

  • no doubt
  • paramore
  • the sounds
  • goo goo dolls
  • mika
  • death cab for cutie
  • mates of state
  • journey
  • heart
  • cheap trick
  • celtic women
  • jordin sparks
  • 3 dog night
  • abba
  • boys 2 men
  • angels and airwaves
  • the veronicas
  • miley cyrus
  • blue man group
  • ... and i'm sure i'm forgetting some.
i've also seen a lot of classical music groups and local/minor artists. favorites:
  • good morning maxfield
  • utah symphony
  • seve vs. evan
  • ace enders



i cut off five inches of my hair.
i am a happy woman.
i called up my friend, palmer, to tell him about my hair adventure.

"i cut my hair today. five inches."

"really? huh. did you ever see that one show on the WB called trinity? or maybe it wasn't trinity. it was called something like that."


"well, it was about this girl and her life. it was actually a really boring show, but everyone loved to watch it because she was just so hot. anyway, she had this long, beautiful hair. then one season she cut it off and got this really ugly short hair cut and people stopped watching the show because she wasn't hot anymore."


"that's what i think of whenever anyone gets their hair cut."

"i see."

except, i really didn't.


the best day ever


i currently have 5 tattoos at the moment.
and every single one is spongebob related.


  1. i have a favorite bathroom stall on campus. i always use it.
  2. i have owned some of the same clothes since seventh grade.
  3. sometimes i wish to be kidnapped.
  4. i want to go on a date with spongebob squarepants.
  5. i always wanted to marry someone with the last name "martinelli."


livin' on a prayer

i want to look like this.


this bitter pill

my brother was very sick this week. in fact, on thursday, there was one particular hour in which i was convince he was going to die.
my mom took him to the doctor's office. they said he had either pneumonia, bronchitis, or swine flu. secretly, i hoped he had swine flu because i am a reporter for BYU TV, and then i would have a good story to report on.
but he didn't have swine flu. and he is better now.

and i just spent far too many minutes playing this game. i can't get past level 9. blast.