i'm coming out

i have lots of pet peeves. 
kids with runny noses. girls who dress slutty. 
one of my biggest pet peeves is when couples put registry information on their wedding announcement.
oh, the loathing! how classless, inconsiderate, and tacky.

my husband agrees with me. interestingly enough, when he mentioned this on facebook, he got a lot of backlash. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE WORLD? or, should i say, what's wrong with mormons? it's mostly LDS couples who are guilty of this crime.

hate me if you must, but the rest of the world agrees with me.
when i googled "registry information etiquette," these were the top five results. (hint: TOP FIVE. that means it's true.)

"You're not supposed to put registry information on your wedding invitation. It's left up to friends and family to inform everyone. However, you can put gift information on an insert in your bridal shower invitations."

"DON'T...put your registry information on your wedding invitations -- ever! Get the word out by posting the info on your wedding website or asking friends and family to spread the word."

"It is perfectly acceptible to include gift registry information inside your wedding shower invitations, however, registry information should never be included in your wedding invitations."

in this forum, the answer is: "yes, it is poor etiquette."

"Never mention gifts (gift choices or gift registry) on the invitation."

it's NOT hard to find out where people are registered. literally, you just google their name. or you go to registry.com and type in the bride's name, and voila! all the places they registered at pop up right before your eyes.
a simpler solution: ask the couple. or their parents/family members. IT'S EASY.

GAH! this makes me so frustrated. maybe i'll go blow up bed bath and beyond.


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