cell phone ringtones

i believe you can tell a lot about a person by their cell phone ringtone.
two years ago i was working at a place that shall remain nameless. my boss was--dare i say it--a free spirit. to the max. every so often his phone would ring and my ears were pierced with the whining x-files theme song. needless to say, i hope he found his tractor beam and returned to his home planet.
i just started a new job this week, "tie one on," the neck tie store in the university mall. anywho, this guy who was training me kept getting text messages. so, every so often, i had the privilege of hearing the star wars "empire strikes back" melody. that alone told me more answers about this dude than he ever would have told me if i had asked him questions.
carah, bosom friend, also has an entertaining ring; this hawaiian chant from the young women's general choir leader. in all honesty, there is no way to put this analysis to words. it just describes her perfectly and that's that.
so what does my ring tone say about me? hmm. good question. but i'll let you do the analysis.

earlier today i played tennis with this cool guy, jon. my amazing skills squashed him 6-3 and 6-0.
ok, maybe i'm exaggerating. it was more of my amazing luck that caused me to do so well. anyway, since he lost he bought me an amazing cheesecake shake that i will now forever crave. anywho, he's a cool guy and i hope we hang out more.
i never really know how to go about hanging out with new people. it's kind of an awkward thing. you are always like "hey, we should hang out some time!" but then both of you know it will never happen. it's almost like an unwritten rule that you don't actually call the person. because, you know that if you do, it will be an awkward conversation and if by some random reason you actually DO hang out, you'll both be like "so what should we do?"

so this is why old friends are the best kind. new friends are exciting and curious, and sometimes even attractive (hmm. good bonus). but old friends are the ones you can always ask "hey, when are we going to hang out?" and they'll actually answer and actually call.


rocking back and forth in a corner

AAAACK! i ordered a wave board off of amazon.com a few days ago and it's just not coming fast enough!!!
i got "the wave" by Street Surfing.
i don't really have anything else to say, i just needed to vent my frustration with mail. i wish everything in my life was instant... i have no patience.



i just got back from the greatest trip evah.
i've decided that disneyland is not only the happiest place on earth, but one of my reasons for living... hah
this year's theme at disneyland is "year of a million dreams" so there are these people who run around the park called the "dream team." we won these dream fastpasses that got us to the front of lines, and on another occasion we won some cool "year of a million dreams" mickey mouse ear hats.
i ran into friends at the park on monday night. i was talking to carah about what she thought of disneyland, because she was so young last time she went she hardly remembers it. she told me how impressed she was with how the disneyland people payed attention to every detail--and it's totally true. i never realized it, but that's totally where disneyland gets it's magic: from the tiny details. even standing in line for a ride is entertaining because there is so much to look at. all the people who work there are dressed to fit the atmosphere of the ride they are operating, and, come on, who doesn't like seeing life-size versions of their favorite cartoon characters walzing down the sidewalk next to you?
but, above all, the greatest and most magical addition to the great disneyland atmosphere is the music. everywhere you go there is music playing from speakers that make you feel you are really in the future, west, or fantasyland.
i went on the new finding nemo submarine ride. it was cute... but now i know i never have to go on it again ;)
and one last note: if anyone is going to california adventure soon, you MUST see the aladdin show! it is freaking amazing! and take me with you...