On a side note... BABIES!

I thought I loved babies. I'm not so sure anymore.

Relatively new: Sherlock Holmes

The trailer for Sherlock Holmes gave me the impression it was mildly inappropriate. Rachel McAdams scantily clad, Holmes handcuffed to a bed; it certainly portrayed him as a ladies' man. I was quite angry that Hollywood changed the original braniac character into something else. For this reason I put off seeing the movie until it showed up at the dollar theater. Then I saw it a few months ago and absolutely loved it.

The cast is great: Robert Downy, Jr., Jude Law, and my personal favorite Mark Strong (who deliciously plays Septimus in Stardust). The plot is new and exciting. Even though Holmes' character is different from the books, I like the new "mad" touch Downey gave him.

The plot follows Holmes as he solves the mystery behind a convict put to death who seems to rise from the grave due to black magic. Holmes and Watson (Law) must reconcile their friendship since Watson is leaving his roommate for his new bride. It's funny, clever, and outrageously entertaining.
  • The new twist on the Sherlock Holmes character is fabulous. It's different but still makes Holmes a braniac. It also helps that Downey, Jr. is attractive.
  • The cast in general is awesome. Mark Strong is the epitome of a villain. He plays the part well.
  • The cinematography allows the viewer, at times, to get into Holme's head. You see what he is thinking and it explains his brilliance and madness.
  • It's extremely family-friendly. The trailer is misleading.
  • We're left in suspense for a sequel.
4.5 stars


On a side note... 3D movies=waste of $$

I think 3D movies are a waste of money, and Roger Ebert thinks 3D movies are a waste of money .

what do YOU think?


Mystery Monday: The Prestige

The Prestige is a film you either love or hate. The ending is so different from how the movie begins, that many don't know how to react. The first time I saw the film I thought the surprising ending was pretty cool. I've seen the movie again since then, and knowing the ending, it's fun to catch little hints thrown in that I didn't notice before.
The story follows two attractive magicians who are extremely attractive. Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman create the ultimate hot man duo. The two spend their lives trying to outdo each other with their illusions, and Angier (Jackman) goes crazy after Borden (Bale) creates what seems to be the ultimate trick. He dedicates his life to attempting to ruin Borden. David Bowie makes a fabulous appearance as Tesla, an electrical engineer inspired by a real person.

The movie can be frustrating because it is rather depressing and the characters are irrational. However, it's visually stunning and a great brain teaser.
  • Overall a captivating film. The magic tricks are a delight.
  • It makes you think. It's a great movie to talk about with friends.
  • Scarlett Johansson (Bale's love interest) needs to crawl in a hole and die. She can't act.
  • To this day, I'm still not sure if I love this movie or just like it. I guess that's a bad thing, but it's certainly made an impression.
    3.5 stars