somewhere that's green

why i love trader joe's:
1. they have delicious foods
2. they have healthy foods
3. they are the best

organic tampons, anyone?



i am in las vegas.
i seem to like this place less and less every time i come.


relax (take it easy)

it's raining. and i am in a cozy bed, watching my brother play zelda while i eat cookie dough.
you should watch my sweet vids. www.camille.7h.com



today i got to ride one of these. one word: wow.
it's a hybrid bike made by Giant.
as you pedal the electric system kicks in and measures the amount of force you're putting on the pedals and matches that force with power.
it was amazing! as i was pedaling, the bike was literally propelling itself for me.
HOLY MOLY. yes, yes it's true.

i figure if each of my readers sends me $80, i'll have enough to buy it.
i accept cash or check.