best. christmas. ever.


final scene

Paris is photogenic. Little details like street lamps and wallace fountains invite writers and filmmakers to create stories in this beautiful place. I think that's what I'll miss the most; not living somewhere with romantic details like bridges and cobblestones, statues and fountains. All of these small touches make Paris picturesque.
People scoff at the cheesy tourist postcards with la Tour Eiffel or the Seine, but essentially, those images are what I'll remember.

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what's this?

WTF = welcome to france.


stay close, don't go

Before I came to Paris I didn't do any research on what I should see. I didn't read any guide books, didn't talk to anyone who's been there, and I didn't even do any internet research. I decided that if I had plans to see too much, I would be disappointed if I didn't see all of it.
Instead, I decided on one single thing that I wanted to see. I figured that of all the things to do in Paris, what I wanted to see the most was the catacombs.

I am destined to never see the catacombs.
My plans were thwarted.
Due to acts of vandalism, the Paris catacombs are closed. Indefinitely.


Just last week I went to Rome with some other girls. A ray of hope shined through the darkness! I discovered there were catacombs in Rome! Emma and I made a trek to the outskirts of Rome to see them.

Alas, the address we had was either
a) incorrect, or
b) nonexistent.

I was furious. The most annoying part of the story is the fact that we could see the tops of the catacomb ruins peeking through the ground.
So close, yet so far.