expuhlosion, five beautiful rings and TMJ

i am going to EXPLODE because i am feeling so many emotions right now.

man, life sucks.

and--on top of everything--i have a sunburn and look like a tomato.

but the olympics are officially the coolest thing since sliced bread. well, technically they came before sliced bread, but whatever. michael phelps is seriously an alien sent to earth from some crazy water planet. and i think that lochte swimmer guy is totally cute.

it has recently come to my attention that i have TMJ disorder, a.k.a. lockjaw. my jaw totally clicks whenever i chew, talk, or even just move it for fun. my TMJ discs are out of place or something...? anywho, at the dentist two days ago my jaw totally locked on the little x-ray plastic stick the nice dental assistant lady asked me to bite down on. i felt really bad for her because she couldn't get it out of my mouth. but i felt even worse for me, who was experiencing a pain no human should ever have in their mouth.

but, back to my explosion. i am freaking pissed off. i think i'll go cry now.