$6 jeans and hot flare pants

i was late to work yesterday, but i have a very good excuse. i work at tie one on, the tie store in the university mall. as i was walking through the mall to get to work, i walked past pacsun and happened to notice a huge "70% off" sign. so i went in, tried on some jeans, but realized there wasn't a price tag. i decided to take them up to the register anyway, and it turns out they were SIX DOLLARS. $6 jeans!

what a beautiful thing. nothing makes me happier.

last night i went to a sweet abba concert. man, i wish i had been a child of the 70's. those songs are so great.


IT'S JULY! and sad disney movies.

oh my july is the best month in the world, for these reasons and more:

5. i'm not in school. school=the devil
4. the weather. in july, we have that lovely, roasting sun which burns me to a crisp. however, i like looking like toast.
3. the holidays. namely, the fourth of july--which is my favorite holiday EVER. for practically all of july there are holidays which give you the excuse to blow things up with wonderful fireworks.
2. you can do all sorts of things outside. it's warm enough and the sun doesn't go down until late, so biking, boarding and swimming are always an option.
1. and other reasons that i probably just can't think of right now. but trust me... they exist.

last week at work my friend and i decided that the two most tragic disney movies are bambi and the fox and the hound. why on earth any child would enjoy these films is beyond my mental capacity.