i have given into the evil clutches of technology and gotten a cell phone.
i know, i know. i'm going against my nature and i have lost my identity.
but i was beginning to think it was a necessary evil.
here's what i got, one uh 'dem samsung katalysts: http://www.samsung.com/us/consumer/detail/detail.do?group=mobilephones&type=mobilephones&subtype=t_mobile&model_cd=SGH-T739TSATMB
so far i am pleased with my cellular phone choice.
anyway, i need to take an online final now.


wave boards rock my body... no pun

my latest and greatest obsession are wave boards. also known as wave sticks, street surfers or rip sticks.
i command everyone to learn how, so they can come on rides with me.
it took me three days of practice to become good enough to go down streets easily, but i've seen other people who are naturals.
they are basically skateboards that swivel and have only two wheels.

another confession: i am also obsessed with this song i heard in travis' car. it's called "into the ocean" by blue october from their album foiled. i just bought it off of itunes and now i'm listening to it on repeat :)
one thing i don't understand, is that it's marked as "explicit." there are no swear words whatsoever, and i even looked up the words. there are no innuendos or hidden meanings or anything (but then again, i might just be naive. but i doubt it). i wonder if it's just because some of their other songs on the album are censor-worthy.

at any rate, i have a date with colin firth. that is, i'm going to watch the A & E pride and prejudice until i fall asleep.


i work at pudding on the rice

i work at pudding on the rice.
in fact, that's where i am right now.
allison--a cook at the store--showed me this blog about pudding and i thought it was quite entertaining.


amy thaut, the girl who snaps back at this "a friend" character, is the wife of one of the owners. in fact, allison is her mom-in-law.
they're quite the cool family.
but i digress.

i can see where this "a friend" person is coming from, but i totally don't agree. it's true that i'm going to be biased because it is this illustrious establishment that pays for my jamba juices. still, i don't agree with him at all.
all the thauts wanted to do was share something cool with provo, and they just got scolded for it.
what's stupid, is that this "a friend" posted his comment like a year ago. if amy hadn't responded to him, none of this argument would have happened.
but i like a good fight and will probably say something on this utahgossip site just to keep the argument alive and entertaining.

now, since you are reading this, i'll put in my plug for pudding.

eat at pudding on the rice! it is the coolest, hippest place in provo. for as low as $1.99, you can treat yourself to a unique and incredibly delicious treat. i highly recomment the instant karmel flavor, or opiate of the masses.


calling all occupants of interplanetary craft

i am taking a test today that determines if i get into the communications program. AAAAAH!
i'm scared but i think i'll do pretty well. i just have to write some sort of news article after listening to a press conference.
travis woke me up this morning at 6:38. hate him. but not really, since it was the last time i'll see him since next wednesday. :(
on tuesday night me and carah downloaded the kid nation episodes for her to watch on her computer.
holy CRAP kid nation has changed my life. that reality show is the best thing to grace this planet since sliced bread. all the kids are so amazing... and since it's a reality show, it's so great to know they are actually real kids in this country!
my favorites are alex and laurel.
alex is a hilarious snaggle-toothed genius. oh my gosh just thinking about him makes me laugh.
laurel is a beautiful. she's an amazing leader. she can sing better than anyone in the world. plus, we both have purple headbands. thus, she also has excellent taste.

so, go watch kid nation before you die. and since i have all of season one, maybe you should just call me and i'll watch it with you. :)
well now i must go meet my quality friend blair for an interview. blech. i'm writing an article for my news writing class on non-LDS students at BYU. it should be interesting.


sitting, waiting, wishing

here i sit at my parent's house.

i wish i had a car.

because then i wouldn't be here waiting for my sister to come back from soccer practice to come take me back to my apartment. my sister, for whom i just spent two hours of my life editing a movie for her history homework. my sister, who now owes me her soul.

oh well. i guess i'll just play ticket to ride while i wait.
for those of you who have never played ticket to ride, you have not truly lived.
the day i discovered you could play the game online was the day my life was completed. me and lauren, my roommate, have been bloody obsessed. every once and awhile aubrey plays with us. aubrey is the "diseased" roommate who is never even at our apartment. thus, me and lauren have bonded over board games.

travis is gone for a week in d.c. this means i need to find fun things to do this weekend. apparently wyview apartments have been invited to this semi-formal dance thing along with the heritage apartments on campus. i want to go, but don't know if i will because i don't know who i'd go with. as my mom said, "just go, eat food, then leave."
she can sometimes be filled with wisdom.

i'm not quite sure who will be reading this, so i'm assuming whoever does already knows me. thus, i am not explaining any of the people or places i talk about because it's likely that you already get it.

and on that note, i'm leaving to play ticket to ride.



well, well. look at me.
i created my own blog for a number of reasons. and that number is 3.

1. i think. a lot. and i write. a lot. but my journals don't seem to be enough. so it's cool to have another place to talk to no one about what i think about life in general.
2. i always look at other people's blogs because i think it shows who they are.

3. my dad is hoping everyone in the world will come to my blog and eventually advertisers will pay me $70,000 a month like that one 16 year old who makes bank off her myspace page.

but so far i'm off to an anxious start. it took me like a half hour to finally settle on a stupid name for my blog. i'm such an indecisive person; just ask travis, he can attest to this. and i hate commitments. what if i don't like the name of my blog? what if i want to change it? oh, the horror!
i think that is one of the main reasons i still don't have a cell phone. i just can't get myself to sign a two year contract with some cell phone company demanding my money, freedom and soul.
eventually i settled on a name (pensées heureuses: it's french for "happy thoughts." i found that appropriate because a. i speak french, b. i just watched hook with my roommates a few days ago, and c. maybe if i write enough happy thoughts i can fly away to neverland).
but i also have other plaguing worries. what if--as my dad pointed out--future employers find my blog and decide they don't want to hire me? what if something i say leaks out into the uncontrollable internet and i create a gang of camille-hating enemies?
oh well. their loss.
because here i go!