times' a wastin'

i'm obsessed.

i never watched a lot of TV growing up because my family just had the basic public channels. yup. all ten of 'em.

now, my landlords have dish. which means WE have dish. which means i can't stop watching TV. who knew it was so cool? that there were so many sweet shows?

my personal favorites are cake boss, bones, and anything on the national geographic channel.

i used to be grotesquely fascinated with toddlers and tiaras, but that time has passed.
now i need recommendations for more good shows. what do you like?


all that she wants

i'm starting to hate blogs.
too many people blog about too much crap.
do you pass the test? is your blog crappy? here's how you can tell.

1. your blog is all about you and your husband. the title is something like "sally + david." you probably have a little counter on the left side that says "we've been married for ___ days, ___ hours, ___ minutes!" you always write about how cute your husband is, how he's so awesome, and give way too much info about your sex life.

2. your blog is your diary. you tell everyone everything about your life, so that anyone who stumbles upon your blog will know within five seconds: a) how your romantic life is, b) what you are studying in school, c) the best way to steal your identity. you tell about all the monotonous things you do each day. you post pictures of you and your friends and what you do every weekend. you usually use your blog to brag about all the cool things you do and see.

3. your posts are way too long. and way too lame. as in, you just vent or talk politics and want to start a comment war.

if your blog is any of these things, congrats. you have the worst blog in the world.