defying gravity

it's sad when someone you love is dying, and there's nothing you can do about it.
so i thought i'd tell you a little bit about my grandma, nedra armstrong anderson.

she loves to read.
she taught honors english to high school students in california.
once, mel gibson taught her class shakespeare.
she was friends with ray bradbury.
(she said once he got famous, he dumped his wife and married a blond bimbo)
she loves to learn.
she has five children. two of them are twins. one had down syndrome.
she and my grandpa eloped (of sorts)... they had a forbidden love.
about a year ago she told me she was still twitterpated with grandpa.
she ran away from home once.

my grandma is the one who got me interested in vampires... before they were cool. (before they turned sparkly and lame, that is.) 

she's led an awesome life, and although i'm sad to see her go, i'm not crying. i know i will see her again. i'm grateful to know that God has created a plan that will let us be together forever.
i love my family! i'm glad i get to be with them forever.


find my baby

it's that time of year again.
the holidays are looming ahead... just around the next bend.

if only i actually had the money to buy the presents that i want.

one of these for drew...

a little one of these for carah...
and a one of each of these for myself.

instead, i find myself planning for black friday. i've never gone shopping on black friday with all the crazy consumers. now, i find myself one of them.
i've been investigating all over the internet... trying to find "leaked black friday ads."
so far, this is my game plan.

target- 4 AM
best buy- 6 AM
michaels- ... whenever they open.


i don't actually think i'll go shopping at all on black friday. but if i do... watch out. i'll have a utility belt with my credit card on one side, and a beating stick on the other side to bash in the heads of anyone who gets to that potential gift before i do.