dead end

i just realized that my list of blogs has risen to 6.

2 are for classes,
1 is a group blog,
1 is this blog,
1 is dead,
and 1 is almost dead.

this blog is almost dead as well, considering i have nothing to write about because all i do is mourn the loss of europe. well, not exactly... but i am running a little low on inspiration lately.

in order to overcome this i am making my next post a question-answer blog. post a comment with your "dear abby"-style question, and if you're lucky, i'll answer it in my next post.
good luck.


in for the kill

well, folks, i did it.

i finally changed my facebook status to "engaged."
oh, the horror! the inhumanity!

and just as i suspected; as soon as i did so, within thirty seconds of my status change, i had two posts. two posts! in thirty seconds!

don't fret. i quickly deleted all the traces of my disgraceful act from my news feed, wall, as well as all of those pesky comments.