no sleep tonight

i cannot sleep.

two of my favorite things about good friends:
#1. laughing with them
#2. deep conversations

today i did both.
and now i can't sleep.

2009 is going to be the year of adventures. i have a lot of goals and plans i need to achieve before the big 2010.
here are a few of my resolutions:

resolution the first:
be a better pen pal to good ole' jonathan in australia.

resolution the second:
come home at a DECENT HOUR each night. or at least most nights...

resolution the third:
get a summer job away from provo, or do a study abroad in the fall. or both. preferably both.

resolution the fourth:
discover a new, amazing cool hobby.


sweet dreams (are made of this)

what an eventful week.

it was incredibly busy and crazy, but i managed to catch a few laughs among the stress.

laugh #1:
lauren my roomie gets a call from the police. "we found your stolen car."
what's funny is that she didn't know it was stolen... apparently it was taken for a joyride without her knowledge.

laugh #2:
bad looking horse. how would you feel if that was your name?


factory girls

congratulations maggie for winning my song o' the week contest!

i was thinking today about the name margaret. obviously, since maggie doesn't go by her "real" name, she is accustomed to what i'm sure are an array of over-used, funny or sometimes annoying nicknames. margaret, maggie, marge, midge, mags, margarine... i'm sure she's heard them all.

if you think about it, you reach a point in your life when you've heard pretty much every possible nickname that can be squeezed from your name. I'm just glad my parents were sane enough to spare me from a name with a terrible rhyme or just terrible in general.
in all honesty, you could call me camel or chameleon. but that's not very offensive.

i, however, recently came in contact with someone who gave me a new nickname.

camilla ice.

YES. it is now official. i shall be known as camilla ice and camilla ice alone.

the only problem is that i can't remember who dubbed me this glorious title.