grim, grinning ghosts

the book in all its glory.

ladies and gentlemen, i give you


any way you want it

today's guest blogger is the one and only

lanée is possibly the coolest person you will ever meet. she is very intelligent and can be quite intimidating with her vast amounts of knowledge.

i have decided to feature a blog post she recently wrote that features yours truly, me. check it out.


yoshimi battles the pink robots

so i just watched i, robot. i am now officially scared that a glowing red robot is going to creep into my room and murder me with its cold, metal hands. add "robots" to my list of things that scare me in movies.

things camille is afraid of in movies:
  • robots. hellooooo? scary. they always seem to develop minds of their own then go on murderous rampages or develop presidential assassination attempts.
  • aliens. yes, it is true. i can't even make it through signs without backing into a corner and rocking back and forth. on my sixteenth birthday i went to go see war of the worlds, and i almost left the theater because i was so terrified. worst birthday ever.
  • dinosaurs. they are big, they have sharp teeth, and i hate them. i treat the jurassic park movies like drugs; just say no.


time's a wastin'

bad news, folks. i discovered something highly amusing today. normally i don't open spam emails... but i decided to take a chance with this one.
because my decision to succumb to the "hollywood hair virtual makeover," i have wasted far too much time this morning giving people makeovers.
here are the results.
any requests? leave a comment and i'll give you a makeover as well. trust me. i want to do it. i have no life.


sweet lady

i seem to be experiencing a number of beautiful desserts in my life lately.


bubble pop electric

this morning i woke to a loud noise

i was still slightly asleep, so i somehow incorporated the explosion into my dream. when i decided to get up, i thought i had dreamt the whole thing.
it wasn't until i went upstairs that i learned the truth.
a poor squirrel had climbed up an electrical pole and blew a transformer.

so now we are without electricity and i am watching the provo city power guys in their cherry picker trying to fix the blown transformer.

i wonder if the squirrel was vaporized. maybe it's just lying dead and fried at the bottom of the pole. i wonder what squirrel tastes like.


just a kid

it's raining, it's pouring, and andrew is snoring.

man, i love this kid. but he sure knows how to saw the logs when he sleeps.
i've never heard ANYTHING or ANYONE snore like this.


today i straightened my hair. this is what i look like. (my brothers say i look like the joker when i put on a facial mask.)
a coworker of mine commented on my hair today. i was trying to explain to him that i don't straighten it very often because it takes forever and i always get unwanted comments. i think i explain it best in a memoir i once wrote.

I have crazy hair. It is not chocolate, hazel or chestnut. It is brown. The curls are unmanageable and have a mind of their own. In the spots above my ears it it kinky and frizzy, but the canopy on top and back are wavy at the roots then form ringlets at the bottom. In the mornings I look in the mirror and scream at the bride-of-Frankenstein effect that takes place while I sleep. It takes a lot of hair gel to tame my Mufasa mane.

Every so often I feel the need to conform and I straighten my curls. First I blow-dry my hair until it is as fluffy and soft as down. It acquires a radius of about ten inches and forms a sphere around my head that glows in the light. If I have a good straightener it takes about fifty minutes to flatten and smooth out the poofy curls. I don't straighten my hair that often because I hate getting the compliments.

“Camille!” everyone says. “Your hair is straight.”

“Yeah,” I say and flip it over one shoulder. What I actually want to say is, “No kidding? I didn't even notice.”

“Wow,” they continue. “I didn't even recognize you. It looks so good.”

Normally a genuine compliment is flattering and lifts my self-esteem. In this case, however, I never know what I should think. When they say my hair looks good, are they implying that it doesn't every other day? Do I only look acceptable when I straighten my hair? After a few days I get sick of it. I miss my curls. I jump in the shower and let the water spring my hair back into action.

When I was younger it made me so mad when all the old ladies would pull on one of my curls and let it spring back into place.

“I always wish I had curly hair like yours,” they would say. Perhaps I am becoming an old lady myself, because today I am glad I have it.



i love love love summer. this summer hasn't been the best of summers, mostly because i work all day and when i'm not working i'm just being extremely lazy. but i've been able to have some fun times.
and now, without further ado, my summer favorites.
fun times in las vegas

my birthday tea party
a birthday party for 7-year old knights and princesses

bellatrix lestrange and narcissa malfoy

climbing around at the city of rocks with my secret club

as i was looking through some of my summer pictures, i realized that drew and i tend to wear the same colors. i'm not quite sure how i feel about this.

(i promise i'm wearing a blue shirt in this one. but even our tongues match! )