i want candy

first, let's get this straight: i don't like candy. i like reeses. those things are good. but all other candies i've deemed unworthy of my palate.
on the flip side, i'm obsessed with treats. desserts, pastries, sweet foods... i want them all.
christmas is the best time of year for delicious treats, and at the same time, the worst culprit of bad candy.

exhibit a: delicious treats.

orange rolls. russian cookies. hot chocolate.

exhibit b: bad candy.

orange/raspberry sticks. candy canes. disgusting santa-shaped chocolates.

how terrible.


ode to joy


i won a free cut and color from metropolitan salon!
i'm super excited because i've never dyed my hair before, and i seriously can't afford a haircut. ha.

any style suggestions? i'm thinking something like this:

jk. this just happened to be a picture that popped up when i googled "curly hairstyles."

but seriously, i need advice.
and one last question: should i even bother coloring my hair? i've heard it's one of those things where if you start you can't stop.