today, the number of "best compliments i have ever received in my life" rose to three.
yes, i have heard a total of three compliments that have pretty much changed my life.

or, at least made me really, really happy.

compliment #1:
once, when i was a young child of 14, i was having a conversation with a sweet old man in my neighborhood. he is what my sister and i call a "rosebud"--an extremely kind, grandpa-like old person who you just want to hug. "rosebuds" are wise, happy, and always caring.
this particular "rosebud" and i were having a typical how-are-you-doing-these-days conversation, when he smiled at me and almost got teary eyed.
"you make me wish i had more sons."

... can you say, precious?
i almost said "you make me wish you had more sons!"
but instead, i just blushed and stood slack-jawed.

compliment #2
when i am bored at my parents house i sit myself at the piano and play pretty much every single scrap of sheet music i can get my hands on. usually i rotate between a book of classical pieces and a collection of disney solos.
on one particular day last summer i was playing from the disney book ("part of your world," from the little mermaid).
my mom was on the phone in the kitchen. when she hung up, she came in to me and said the friend she had been talking to had commented on my music in the background.
"that's a beautiful CD you're listening to."

i was so happy... mostly because whenever i play the piano, my sister says something like "if you play that song one more time i'm going to kill you."

it's too bad that my mom replied by saying, "CD? oh, that's just camille." and then she laughed.

compliment #3
today i was talking with a friend in one of my classes. i was telling him that i thought one of his good friends was a really cute guy, but way out of my league.
DISCLAIMER: i promise and swear on my life i was not fishing for compliments. i despise it when people act overly humble just to demand praise from others. i was merely stating a fact. this particular guy is much more talented, attractive, and likable than me: thus he is out of my league.
anyway, his friend just looked at me and said, "um, have you looked in the mirror lately? no one is out of your league."

but then again, maybe it's just because my hair was straightened today. my unfortunately natural curly locks would have never gotten such praise.

nonetheless, i feel very
¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ happy inside.


all work and no play makes camille a dull boy

mmm. halloween, and i love the shining.

i am at work right now. words cannot express how much i love my job...
i am a student-athlete tutor, so basically anyone who plays BYU sanctioned sports can come to me for help. it's the best job, hands down.
i get paid to meet all sorts of awesome people.

but times like this--when i sit in the student athletic building and wait for someone to come visit me--get really boring.

so i am watching tv shows on my computer. hooray :)


to vote? or not to vote. and oh how i love...

the organ.
it conquers my soul.

so i just signed up for practice times on these two amazing organs on BYU campus;

it's really awesome--and bizarre--that i find practicing the organ so enjoyable.

anyway, i'm learning a saWEET piece right now that my organ teacher gaver me: prelude and fugue in g minor by johann sebastian bach. i tell you what: i'm a regular phantom of the opera. just give me a white porcelain mask and i'll stay in the basement of the HFAC for time and all eternity.

in other news, i met obama!

hmm. now i feel obligated to vote for him.

it's a shame i don't plan on voting at all. i mean, i'm not very impressed with any of the canditates. and rather than choosing the lesser of two evils, i think i'll go out for ice cream.
but i'm a little bummed that this is the first time i've ever gotten to vote and i'm not taking advantage of it. maybe i'll just vote for someone random that i know has no chance in heck of winning, then researching who i voted for. HAH that could be funny.
all in all, i hate politicians.
speaking of...

guess who's running for governor?
yes, that's right... "totally awesome computers" dell! anyone else remember seeing his commercials on tv? good times.