even though my blog is far from what i'd call the typical "mormon mommy blog," i still thought this was a great read.

read: Why I can't stop reading Mormon housewife blogs


mad world

a well-written article that made me think. it's sad, however, that the author only felt accepted in society by giving up her standards and conforming to the world.

read single, female, mormon, alone


you might think

got a haircut today... a pretty dramatic one.

what do you think?


you're not my god

this semester i've done something unusual:
bought a textbook i think i'll actually read and enjoy.
 i've come to this conclusion purely based on the chapter headings. for example:

"Chapter 4 - Like a Sermon: Popular Religion in Madonna Videos"
"Chapter 8 - It's about Faith in Our Future: Star Trek Fandom as Cultural Religion"

yup. sounds good. this is useful knowledge.