tonight, tonight

there's nothing better than a good book.
that is a very cliché, very true statement.

when i read a good book, i bite my nails.

i might not have any nails left when i finish the one i'm reading right now.


smooth criminal

vote for palmer.
because he is a stud.



fine. i'll do it. 
but only because you're making me. just kidding.

i didn't want to put a wedding album on facebook. for some reason, i knew the minute i released my photos to the world, they wouldn't be special anymore. everyone would see them, and they would be "common" (as my good friend anna put it).

but here they are. or, at least here are some of them. i'm keeping the real gems to myself. and there's nothing you can do about it.

check it out. it was a perfect day.